New Metro City

New Metro City


New Metro City Gujar Khan is a housing society that is claimed to have received approval from TMA. It is situated near the GT Road and was developed by BSM Developers, who previously created New Metro City Kharian. The project’s key features include affordability, its prime location, swift development, and well-known developers.

This large-scale development aims to offer a luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price. Its location next to the GT Road makes it an ideal investment opportunity near Gujar Khan, and it is conveniently close to Islamabad with just a short drive away. The New Metro City Gujar Khan project seeks to balance luxury and affordability.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Developers & Owners

BSM Developers PVT LTD developed New Metro City Gujar Khan. The company is led by Bilal Bashir Malik, the grandson of Malik Riaz, who is the owner of Bahria Town. The company, which started with Golf City Gwadar, has now launched Metro City, and aims to create an environmentally friendly housing project that offers modern amenities at affordable prices.

The descendant of Malik Riaz has pledged to deliver the same level of excellence that is prevalent in Bahria Town developments. A highly skilled group of experts is working tirelessly to complete the project within the designated timeframe while also providing excellent returns.

New Metro City Gujar Khan NOC

The New Metro City Gujar Khan is said to have received a No Objection Certificate from the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA). The layout plan (LOP) of the society has been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), with the approval number being RDA|F-PHS-GRK-06/738. The commercial plots within the society have also been approved as they are part of the housing project.

It is more likely that projects with approved NOCs will be completed and offer better returns. For confirmation of the NOC of the project, it is recommended to contact the official management of the society.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Location

The placement of the New Metro City Gujar Khan is along the GT Road in Gujar Khan. It was strategically positioned at this location to enhance its accessibility and profitability.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Accessibilities

New Metro City Gujar Khan is accessible in the following ways:

  • Located at main GT Road Gujar Khan
  • Almost 7 min drive away from Sukho Road
  • Almost 5 min drive away from Gulyana Road
  • Almost 9 min drive away from Gujar Khan-Bewal Road
  • Almost 15 min drive away from Mandra-Chakwal Road

New Metro City Gujar Khan Nearby Landmarks & Places

New Metro City Gujar Khan is surrounded by nearby landmarks & places:

  • Gujar Khan
  • UBL Bank
  • City Palace Banquet Hall
  • Sarwar Shaheed College
  • Punjab College of Commerce
  • Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Gujar Khan
  • Government College of Women

New Metro City Gujar Khan Master Plan

A team of highly skilled professionals, including town planners, engineers, developers, managers, and relevant parties, were responsible for the planning, design, and creation of the 4,000 Kanal master plan for New Metro City Gujar Khan.

New Metro City Payment Plan

Residential Plots Payment Plan

Premium Category Residential Plots Payment Plan

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Sector 1 Residential Plots Payment Plan

Sector 1 Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Sector 1 Low Cost Block Payment Plan

New Metro City Gujar Khan Manual Booking

To manually book a plot in New Metro City Gujar Khan, here is a tentative process:

  • Obtain a printed copy of the application form and fill it in completely.
  • Alternatively, you can become a Member of Metro City and submit the booking form online through an e-form.
  • Make a down payment either manually or through automatic payment, along with the processing fee.
  • You may also choose to transfer the payment through interbank transactions with banks such as United Bank Limited or Askari Bank Limited.
  • Before making any payment, please reach out to the official management to confirm the manual booking.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Application Form

The application form for New Metro City Gujar Khan can be downloaded and submitted from the official website. When submitting the form, you will likely need to attach the following tentative documents:

  • Passport-sized photographs
  • A copy of your CNIC or passport
  • A copy of your NICOP
  • A copy of the payment receipt
  • A screenshot of the online payment slip

Facilities & Amenities

The New Metro City Gujar Khan offers contemporary amenities and services at affordable prices, similar to those found in a high-end, multi-purpose real estate development. It can be considered a comprehensive real estate project. The facilities in New Metro City Gujar Khan are as follows:

Water Resources

The project has considered the water requirements of its residents and will construct water reservoirs to store a significant amount of water for daily household tasks.


The project aims to offer a modern lifestyle while preserving the environment, creating a unique experience that is not available anywhere else in Pakistan. The lifestyle will be in close proximity to nature, while still offering all the necessary amenities.

Secure Project

Security is an essential aspect of the project. To ensure complete safety for its residents, the project will have a security system with 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment installed in precise locations. Additionally, the project will be enclosed by a boundary wall with an advanced security system, providing a high level of security.

Business & Commercial Hub

The developers have addressed the economic and commercial requirements of the project, and as a result, there will be a comprehensive commercial zone available. The residents can meet all of their commercial needs within the project’s commercial area.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Salient Features

Following are the salient features of the New Metro City Gujar Khan:

  • Shops
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • 24/7 security
  • Maintenance
  • Eco-community
  • Water Resources
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • World-class infrastructure development

Guidelines to follow while Purchasing/Sale of Plots in New Metro City

Here are some guidelines to follow:

Document Verification

Always verify all documentation to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Before buying or selling any property, make sure to inquire about the NOC and approval documents from the developers, which should be duly approved by the authorities. This will ensure that your documentation is valid and that you are satisfied as a customer.

Financial Security

Make sure that your funds align with your purchase plan before concluding any property sale or purchase. This will ensure a smooth transaction.

Property Visits

After verifying the validity of the documents, visit the site to ensure that the written documents match the plot specifications before making any purchase.

Documentation Requirement for Booking

E-spacemarketing values transparency and trust with its customers, and therefore, we suggest inquiring about the latest documentation requirements before making a booking. Additionally, we offer residential and commercial plots in other projects such as Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Nova City Islamabad.

To purchase property in New Metro City Gujar Khan, the following documents are required:

  • Two passport-sized photos
  • NICOP for overseas clients
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of your next of kin’s ID card

Booking Procedure for New Metro City Gujar Khan

E-spacemarketing recommends that customers inquire with management about the latest booking procedures to avoid any misunderstandings. Fortunately, the booking process is straightforward and can be completed in a few easy steps:

  • Carefully complete your booking application form.
  • Attach the applicant’s CNIC copies.
  • Pay the down payment via cheque or pay order in favor of “New Metro City Gujar Khan.” However, it’s advisable to confirm the management process in case of any new changes.
  • Cash payments are also accepted after confirmation by the management.
  • Submit all required documents, payment, and obtain the receipt.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Can you provide an overview of New Metro City Gujar Khan and its distinctiveness from other projects?

New Metro City Gujar Khan is a multi-purpose development that provides residents with a unique and affordable living experience. It has been designed and developed by a team of experienced engineers, architects, and staff who have worked hard to make it a reality.

Q2: Is New Metro City Gujar Khan a legitimate and authorized project?

According to reports, the NOC for New Metro City Gujar Khan has been approved by the TMA.

Q3: Is New Metro City Gujar Khan an affordable real estate project?

Yes, it is, due to the manageable instalment plans offered by the development. The management has strived to balance luxury with affordability.

Q4: Does New Metro City Gujar Khan offer high investment returns?

Yes, the affordable payment schedule offered by New Metro City Gujar Khan makes it a suitable option for families and small investors, increasing the chance of high investment returns.

Q5: Where is New Metro City Gujar Khan located?

New Metro City Gujar Khan is situated on the main GT Road.

Q6: Who developed New Metro City Gujar Khan?

New Metro City Gujar Khan was developed by BSM Developers.

Q7: What steps are required to book a property in New Metro City Gujar Khan?

Tentative steps include:

  • Selecting the desired property size
  • Providing accurate personal information
  • Entering nominee information
  • Making the necessary payments
  • Signing the booking form

Q8: How can changes be made to Name / Address / Nominee in New Metro City Gujar Khan?

Tentative steps include:

  • Submitting the required documents to the Customer Support Centre
  • The allotment, transfer, and record branch processing the name change
  • Receiving the amended Membership Letter / Transfer Letter / Allotment Certificate / Allotment Letter

Q9: What is the method for tracking a booking in New Metro City Gujar Khan?

You can track your booking through the official website of New Metro City Gujar Khan.

Q10: Are there any surcharges for late payments on plot bookings in New Metro City Gujar Khan?

Late payments may be subject to surcharges, as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the booking form.

Q11: Who owns New Metro City Gujar Khan?

The property is owned by the well-known developer Bilal Bashir Malik.

Q12: Is New Metro City Gujar Khan a good investment opportunity?

Undoubtedly, New Metro City Gujar Khan is the best investment opportunity in Gujar Khan.

Q13: When was New Metro City Gujar Khan launched?

New Metro City Gujar Khan was launched in 2022.

Q14: When will possession be awarded for New Metro City Gujar Khan?

Possession is expected to be awarded approximately 6 months after the launch of the development.


The New Metro City Gujar Khan is an exclusive residential and commercial development that aims to provide a lavish lifestyle for its residents. It boasts top-notch amenities, cost-effectiveness, and an ideal location. You can easily obtain New Metro City Gujar Khan plots for sale by contacting us.

E-spacemarketing highly suggests that this project is a fantastic investment opportunity. If you’re interested in exploring other profitable real estate ventures, consider looking into Blue World City, Park View City, and Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

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